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On the first day of its creation in 2010, AQEST already had over 100 years' experience in the submarine cable industry. Indeed, there's no denying that the key members of AQEST have an unmatched reputation in their field. Indeed, the experience of the key players in 2010 already included :


Patrick FAIDHERBE (Managing Partner)

Patrick Faidherbe sarted his carreer in the submarine cable business in 1991.

He has been successively involved in industrial, marketing and project management matters.

After having worked for two of the main submarine cable system suppliers (Alcatel and Tyco), Patrick has founded Axiom, a consultancy company, where he has been providing his services for 10 years. On the heels of this success, he founded AQEST in 2010 together with Georges Krebs.

Mr. Faidherbe has then acquired a solid understanding of industrialization, of manufacturing issues and a deep insight in matters related to costs and marketing of submarine cables, as well as a great experience in consultancy.

Georges KREBS

Georges KREBS (Partner)

Georges Krebs started his submarine telecom industry carreer in 1980, wi-orking for France Télécom and Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN).

He devoted his entire career to the submarine telecom industry and has been able to acquire direct experience in most of the industry very diverse aspects.

He received various assignments in Singapore (during 4 years), Australia (during 7 years) and France.

During all these years, Georges has been able to develop a true passion for submarine telecom and to acquire a very comprehensive experience of this constantly changing activity.


Laurent CAMPAGNE (Senior Consultant)

Laurent Campagne's experience in Industrial area, mainly in project management and commercial activities, mainly in project management and commercial activities, started in 1994. 

In particular, he has worked on the submarine repeaters’ 

reliability in Liverpool (Australia) before being sent on several marine operations.

He then moved to Singapore where he dealt essentially with offers preparation, negotiations with Purchasers Consortiums and project management.

He then consolidated its experience by being Director of Lafarge Gypsum France Customer Service, then Regional Sales Director and finally Quality and Environment Director, which offered him the opportunity to get back into Industrial World with a Commercial mind set.

In 2014, Laurent came back to the submarine world, “his first love”.

José HERDADE (Senior Consultant)


Graduated in Electronics and Telecommunications at Lisbon Technical University in Portugal, Jose Herdade started its experience in the study, planning, procurement, project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Submarine Cable Systems and associated infrastructures (Cable 

Landing Stations, Ducts, Beach Manholes, etc.) back in 1977.

As Senior Engineer in Portugal Telecom and member of the Procurement Group of various international Systems and subsequent Upgrades, José participated actively in the Project Management of almost 50 Submarine Cable Projects.

He was also an active member of Marine Working Group of various international Systems and acted as Onboard Inspector of several marine Survey, Installation and Repair operations.

José is providing consultancy services since 2015.


Jean DEVOS (Senior Advisor)

Mr. Jean Devos is a key player in the submarine cable telecommunication industry since 1961.

Because of his experience and his major involvement in most of the last half century submarine cable systems, Mr. Devos has been one of the key global players that shaped the old and limited submarine cable industry into the high technology, professional and global industry it is today. He is really a global expert since he has been deeply involved in the five continents.


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As you have understood, the AQEST experience is not limited to the extraordinary experience of its members, but includes, of course, the cumulative experience of all those who have confirmed their interest in working with AQEST.

This way of working gives AQEST clients access to a unique and comprehensive experience...

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