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The sharp engineers and searchers may not like my statement. They feel they are real world guys, with their feet well on the ground. But they are true poets because of their ability to create. The etymology of the word poet is clear. In the ancient Greek language, “poiesis” stands for “creation” from the verb “poien”, achieve, create.


My dear friend,

Henry Dunant is the International Red Cross founder and Dunant is now the name of the US- France cable project that Google is planning with the help of Orange. For its USA-Chile project Google is picking Curie (Marie Curie) while Monet was chosen in a previous case. One would expect an European to be proud of that I guess? But, I cannot avoid thinking that the choice of these great figures is only a kind of concession to the “Old Europe”. In reality these two large cables will be built by the American TE Subcom through a direct award process. […]


My dear friend,

I am really fascinated by the changes underway but also a little concerned for my grandchildren. I often projected myself into the future, trying to figure out what life will be like in the coming decades. The musings of my after-lunch naps or the dreams of my paradoxical sleep are sometimes paradise but often nightmarish. […]


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